5 unique dining experiences in Melbourne


5 Unique Dining Experiences in Melbourne

Who said that dining cannot be a unique experience? Melbourne is the city for foodies, so we have collected five special dining ideas to make dining an unforgettable experience! Take along your friends if you want to impress.

 1. Dine in a Tram

What do you think about having a five-star dinner inside a moving historical tram? In Melbourne, of course, this is possible! The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is the first traveling Tramcar Restaurants in the world and offers a unique dining experience while cruising the city streets in Melbourne. The trams roll three times per day every single day of the year. But if you want to secure a table, you should make sure that you book even months in advance as they are in an extremely high demand. Different course menus offered for lunch, dinner and late dinner as well as options for vegetarian menu and gluten-free one.

2. Dine in the sky

Acrophobic? Then this is not an option for you. Dine high above the ground on an elevated deck which can reach 50 meters above the ground. The deck can be booked through their website for any kind of events; from throwing a party to watching a film, as well as you can just book to dine in the sky. Who said the sky is too far?

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3. Dine with Sharks

You Only Live Once, right? Then why don’t you take the opportunity to dine in a tank with sharks? Is there a more ‘crazy’ dining experience you can think of? Because we can’t. it’s a perfect idea for special occasions; good food and good company… underwater! The unique experience is launching soon at the Australian Shark and Ray Nursery Centre and you can already register your interest on the website.

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Photo by: ozsharkandray.

 4. Dine in Titanic

It is the only place on Earth that is guaranteed that your night is going to be a disaster. Titanic in Melbourne lets you experience a unique dining experience. Choose to dine first class or at the lower case steerage and get ready to live an unforgettable journey. This is a unique 3-course food experience which gives you the chance to live in a setting resembling Titanic and get ready to… sink!

5. Dine with Dracula

If you do have a wicked sense of humor this is the perfect night out for you. Dine in a Dracula-themed restaurant while being entertained by the unique show. Witches in Britches is the themed venue which guarantees to please your night out. Have your eyes opened and spot the surprises at different spots of the venue as well as get ready to pass through… The tunnel of terror! Don’t you dare?

Have fun experiencing those unique and weird dining ideas!

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