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Everything you need to know about the Student Visa in Australia

The decision to come to Australia is an important one. We know that you don’t take it lightly and we also know that between all the things you have to decide is which visa is the right for you. No worries…. We have that cover.

Do you want to come to Australia to study? This is all you need to know before and during your student visa. Although, remember that the Work & Holiday visa also lets you study up to 17 weeks. The student visa is for a longer period.

Let’s do this…


  • CoE

This is the first thing you will need when you apply for the student visa. The CoE means that you have been accepted to a register institution for international students (CRICOS). This is given to you when you have made the first payment to your chosen school.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) + Visa Application Form

In the application form, you will give write all your details about your family members, employment history, health and finances. However, the most important section is the GTE. Here you would need to demonstrate that you are a genuine student with the intention of staying temporarily in the country for the purpose of studying.

  • Health Insurance

Every single international student must obtain a medical insurance (OSHC). There are different institutions that provide this service, but do not worry because Let’s Go Study will help you out with this and will organize it for you. The cost of the insurance will depend on the duration of your course and it must cover your holidays too.

student visa

  • Financial Capacity

Basically, immigrations want to know if you have enough resources to support yourself. This includes your course fee, your tickets and your living cost in Australia. The amount you need to prove is of AU$19,830 per year. If you have a dependent, you will need to prove you have the enough resources to cover his/her costs as well, including the school.

You can also prove financial capacity if your parent/relative or parents are willing to support you stay and to prove that, they need to demonstrate that together they earn at least AU$60,000 per year.

You have applied for your student visa and now, what?



You can enter Australia 90 days before commencing your course. Within 7 days of your arrival, you need to notify your school about your new home address.

I know there is something in your mind at this point… What happens with work? With the student visa, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week while you are studying and as many as you want when you are in holidays. However, you cannot start working until your course has started.

student visa

As a good citizen of the world, they are a few obligations that you need to follow… For example, you will need to stay enroll in an educational institution, go to classes regularly (80% attendance), hold a good academic record and of course, hold your medical insurance.

How long can you stay in Australia? You can stay as long as your course last. If you course last less than 9 months, then your visa will last another extra month. If you course last more than 9 months, then your visa will last another 2 extra months.

Important: The information provided above is for most countries. They are a few cases in which they are other requirements to apply for the student visa, for example, the level of English.


  • Student Application form
  • Student Visa fee AU$550
  • Passport copy
  • CoE
  • Health Insurance

If you have any questions or need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you with all the process.

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