Edurne: “It is so rewarding realising my dream of coming to Australia”

Edurne was born San Sebastián 26 years ago. She is optimistic, cheerful, a born fighter – maybe that is why she has come as far as she has. Edurne is an educational psychologist who started working as soon as she finished her studies, but one day asked herself: When am I going to realise my dream of travelling alone? When am I going to go to Australia? And that moment came. Now she lives in Sydney and studies Business. Here are the details of her story.

How did you get to that moment of deciding: “Right, I am going to Australia”?

I had been wanting to come for years because I needed to improve my English, but it was never the right time to leave my job, family and friends. Until one day I said to myself, “if not now, when?” I thought, I will always be in this same situation, and I realised that the decision rested solely on me. The right moment to go so far away would never come if I did not go looking for it. So I made the decision and saw it through.


Your case is pretty unusual, because you applied for the Work and Holiday Visa and ended up missing out by a margin.

Yeah! It is actually hard to sit down, make the decision, and start filling out the paperwork, and then they give out 500 visas and yours is the 506th! But anyway, that made me want to come even more. After that little setback, I did not have much time to sort out another type of visa, so I contacted Let’s Go Study Australia and you really made the process so easy for me, because just two weeks later I had my student visa. It was a lifesaver for me because after all the paperwork I had done for the Work and Holiday, I had had enough, but after I contacted you everything was made easy.

Which city did you choose?

After mulling it over a lot, I chose Sydney. It has always stood out to me and I wanted to discover the most multicultural Australia. But of course, I will go to Melbourne.

What did you do on your first few days in Sydney?

I grabbed a map of the city and got lost in its long streets. Went to the Opera House, took a dip in the sea, and had a couple of coffees in those cute bars.

The best thing about Australia?

The lifestyle is what I like most. Also, the variety of food there is everywhere – in any supermarket or shop you have healthy food. Australians place a real importance on healthy eating and habits. And wherever you go, people are really nice and really willing to help you out.

What are you hoping to get from Australia?

Above all, to improve my English. But there is also a lot to learn about lifestyle and other cultures. And for me it is really important, being alone so far away, to grow as a person.

What would you say to other young people thinking of coming but who have not decided to take the leap yet?

From my own experience, I know that it never seems like a good time to leave everything behind and travel. But really, where there is a will there is a way. It is all about being determined. And it is really scary and really nerve-wracking, but life is about getting past that and realising that actually, it is easier than you think. You have to go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Once you are here, it is so rewarding to see what you have achieved, seeing that there are so many new places to discover every day, so many people to meet and so many things to do, that you just smile and say: It was worth it.

A motivational phrase you want to share?

Life is what you make of it. It is in our power to create the life we would most love to live. You have the power to create your best day, every day.

Anything else you want to add?

I want to thank Let’s Go Study Australia and especially Elena and Karla for all their help and for making it all so easy. And all the people, family and friends, who give you the strength to follow your dreams.

This is Edurne’s story. Other brave people like her have taken the leap and are living the adventure of their lifetime thanks to Let’s Go Study Australia. Here are their stories. And if you think your turn has come, write to us with no obligations. Our services are free!

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