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Workshops, activities & events

We know how to help you. We organize free workshops and activities every week so that you can easily integrate to an international environment. Our activities range from yoga sessions and barbeques to employment workshops. They will also allow you to improve your experience and meet people from all over the world.

Discover what our students said
Maria, Colombia
“Excellent and useful information” TAX RETURN WORKSHOP.
Quian Wang, China
“Great opportunity to learn” JOB WORKSHOP.
Joyce, Netherlands
“Very nice and a beautiful atmosphere” YOGA SESSIONS.
Dagfinn, Norway
“It was really fun to talk to so many different people” LET'S MAKE FRIENDS.
Junia, Brazil
“It was cool!” LET'S MAKE FRIENDS.
Cristina, Spain
“Good food, good drinks and good people… I had heaps of fun!” LET'S GO BBQ.
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LGSA Activities

Our events are a meeting point for students of all nationalities. Here are some of the best images.

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Javier found happiness in Australia, and thanks to Let’s Go Study Australia he could share his experience with the most special person in his life.

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Discover the best places in Sydney with Héctor Salgado, our video blogger in the city of opera and surf.

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Theme parties for international students of Let’s Go Australia are famous. Take a look and you’ll find out why.

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A co-director of Let’s Go Australia. He has completed Bachelor of Business and a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law from Victoria University. He is a former Professional footballer in the Australian National League. Bill is a MARA Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1572423).




A co-director of Let’s Go Australia. He has completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment. A former Investment advisor who has a keen interest in different cultures and a strong finance background.




Dorothy Hatzopoulou has a Bsc in Business Administration from London’s Hammersmith Polytechnic. Having worked in travel and as a Formula 1 journalist. She follows a spiritual path of yoga, meditation and tai-chi. She values honesty and compassion and since 2012 she ensures the office runs efficiently.



Valentina Grossi has studied Languages and Literature at the University of Verona in her native Italy. She has a truly global perspective having already lived in the Maldives, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic... she will ensure every single detail of your experience is catered for.




She has completed two Bachelor Degrees in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising. She loves meeting new people and draws on her own amazing experiences in Australia. Fluent in English and Spanish. There are no secrets about Melbourne that Elena is unaware of. So ask her everything you want to know!


Juan Manuel


Juanma García from Sevilla has completed Bachelor in Business. He arrived in Australia in 2014 and completed further related business studies. Now he’s thriving helping new students from around the world. He loves sports... especially footy, the Aussie rules football!

Juan Manuel



Karla Pérez is from México with extensive marketing and communication training. She has studied in Spain, China, USA and Australia, which gives her a global vision of what international students’ needs are. If you’re travelling to Sydney, she’ll put her expertise at your service.




Emanuela Turano was born in Palermo (Italy) and speaks English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. Before coming to Australia, this globetrotter lived in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and France. She’s worked a long time with international students in Sydney.




Natalia is Argentinean and she majored in psychology. After several years working, she decided to make her dream of traveling around the world come true and began her Australian adventure. She loves the Gold Coast, so if you choose the surf paradise as your destination, you’ll surely have fun with Natalia!



Tamara is from Spain. She majored in biomedical research and has decided to take some time off to study Business English in Brisbane, a city that she adores. If you visit the Queensland capital, Tamara will make sure that everything goes smoothly.




Roberta Galimberti is from Italy and at the University of Milan completed a Bachelor in Humanities, Art and Italian Literature. Roberta moved to Australia in 2013 and found the city of Melbourne the “place to be”, enjoying every moment ensuring things are made easy for the international students.



Marketing manager

Borja Flors has completed a Bachelor in Communication. In Spain he worked as a journalist and in entertainment for television. He adores Melbourne and nowadays he is a contributor for ‘Infonauta' on 3ZZZ Melbourne and manages the marketing and communication strategy for Let’s Go Study Australia.



Graphic designer

Sofia Verger is from Valencia, Spain. She studied graphic design in the School of Art and Design (EASD) of Valencia. Sofia arrived in Melbourne in 2014 and after doing some internships and work as a freelance she joined the Let’s Go Australia Team.

Frequently asked questions

Our experience helping students from all around the globe allows us to know which are their most common concerns. Here are some of the answers to your potential questions. If there’s something else you wish to ask, do not hesitate to contact us!

How much do the Let’s Go Study Australia services cost?

The international students advisory and assistance services that we offer at Let’s Go Study Australia are completely free.

What’s the first step once I’m considering traveling to Australia?

If you are considering temporarily living in Australia, we recommend that you contact us. The sooner you do this, the sooner we’ll be able to help. We will provide you with all the information you need, and we’ll decide together which city is best for you, find the course that best meets your needs, and also help take care of your visa application and medical insurance. Once in Australia, we’ll pick you up, take you to open a bank account, purchase a SIM card for your phone… and you will join the international community of Let’s Go Study Australia.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns, our services are completely free.

What’s the best season to travel to Australia?

Any time is great for visiting Australia, it all depends on your needs and goals. For example, English schools accept new students every week of the year. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know what the best moment might be for you.

Is it easy to work in Australia?

The first thing to consider is that it’s a must to be in the country with a visa that allows you to work. A student visa will allow you to work part time during your classes and full time during holidays and breaks. Contact us to learn more about visa options.

Finding a job is always challenging, but there are many opportunities in Australia. It’s easy for international students to work hospitality or cleaning jobs, for instance. The salary for these sector is around 17-24 AUD an hour. You can opt for qualified jobs if you have an advanced English level.

Besides, Let’s Go Study Australia offers the WORK & STUDY PROGRAM, which will give you access to exclusive job offers among many other advantages. Click here to learn more.

What is the Work & Study Program?

The Work & Study Program will allow you to access an exclusive job pool with offers in tourism, management, and commerce, among other advantages. You’ll find more information about it here.

What can I study in Australia?

You can literally study anything here. There are thousands of courses available. Basically, there are English courses, professional courses, higher education and postgraduate studies.

You’ll find more information about this in the section STUDY IN AUSTRALIA.

Do I need to do a medical check-up?

Sometimes Australian authorities require a medical check-up when you apply for a visa. This comprises very simple tests done at authorized medical centres. Contact us and we will confirm if you will be asked to undergo this check-up and where you can do that.

Please remember that before applying for a student visa, you need to have overseas student health cover. Contact us and we will advise you on the insurance providers and their prices.

What’s the best city to live in Australia?

Good question. We can help you answer this question, but in the end the choice is up to you. If you choose the Gold Coast or Brisbane as your destinations, you’ll find sun and surf, whereas Sydney offers surf and business opportunities and Melbourne has been recognized as the most liveable city around the globe for five years in a row.

You can find a comparison between Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast in our blog. If you still have doubts, we recommend that you visit the CITIES section of our site.

How can I look for accommodation in Australia?

All cities in Australia offer a wide variety of hostels and student residences, rooms in private homes and entire homes. As soon as you have your visa, we will provide you with tools to find accommodation in Australia as soon as possible.

The first days we will recommend that you temporarily stay at a hostel or inn, which will give you some time to look for a permanent place calmly. We will recommend the most convenient.

Do I have to open a bank account?

Most payments in Australia, including payrolls, salaries and welfare payments directly into bank accounts. This is why it’s highly recommended to get one. The process is simple and free; you’ll just need your passport. Also, having a bank account in Australia will save you money from international bank fees. Let’s Go Australia will help you open a bank account as soon as you get here.

Do I have to buy a new phone from an Australian provider?

We advise that you buy a prepaid SIM card, and you’ll be able to use any unlocked mobile phone of your own. Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp allow you to link your username to your new phone number and keep all of your contacts.

There are several mobile phone companies in Australia, and whichever you choose will depend on your needs. Once you’re here, we will assist you and take you to purchase the SIM card.

What’s the weather like in Australia?

Australia is a very diverse country both geographically and weather-wise. It is located in the Southern hemisphere, which means that summer starts in December and winter starts in June. Almost a third of the Australian territory is in the tropical zone and the temperatures are around 25°C all year long. The southern part of the country has a mild weather, similar to the Mediterranean.

How many hours can I work with a student visa?

With a student visa in Australia you can work up to 20 hours a week while you’re studying and up to 40 hours a week during holidays and breaks. Whenever you work full time, you’ll be able to save a lot of money because salaries are very high.

Our Work & Study Program for international students will help you find a job during your first days in Australia. Learn more here.

Besides, other visas will allow you to work full time. Contact us to learn more.

Is it easy to travel around Australia?

Traveling Australia is incredibly easy. There are low cost airlines, trains, buses and many car and van rentals. Besides, you can use relocation services, a system that allows you to rent cars at a minimum cost. You can learn more about this in the section TRAVELING AUSTRALIA in the site.

Please note that distances here are very large. By looking at Australia on a map it might seem as if the cities were relatively close to one another, but that’s not the truth; research the distances before beginning a road trip. If you’re planning on visiting the outback, make sure to bring the right equipment in the event of adverse weather conditions. Contact us if you have any concerns.

How much does it cost to study in Australia?

There are four fixed expenses in Australia: your course, medical insurance, visa and plane ticket to get here. You’ll have to invest at least 6,500 AUD just to get here. Check the exchange rates in order to know how much that means in your local currency.

We often have special offers in several courses, contact us about it.

Is it expensive to live in Australia?

You must take into consideration that Australia is an expensive country. Accommodation, food and transportation will be your main expenses.

The good part is that salaries in Australia are very high, so as soon as you find a job you will be able to take care of your expenses without trouble.

Also check the exchange rates at all times to see how your currency compares to the AUD.

What’s the minimum wage in Australia?

Australia and New Zealand were the first countries around the globe to establish a minimum wage; that’ll give you an idea of how important it is in these countries to ensure a fair salary for all workers. Currently, minimum wage in Australia is 16.87 AUD/hour for full time jobs and 21.08 AUD/hour for hourly jobs.

Can I travel to Australia with any visas besides a student visa?

If you want to travel Australia and don’t have any intentions of studying or working here, your best choice is to apply for a tourist visa. This is a simple online and free application. Take into consideration that it is not allowed to work with this type of visa.

The Work & Holiday Visa and/or the Working Holiday Visa is for young people who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. With these visas, you can work in Australia for up to a year and for up to 6 months for one single employer. There are specific requirements for this visa and only people with passports from eligible countries can apply.

If your goal is to develop a professional career in Australia, contact us and we will provide you with information on the different available options. Our registered Immigration Agent will advise you throughout the process. Contact us about the pricing of the immigration services.

If you want to come and study and also live the most authentic Australian experience, we recommend that you come with a student visa. It’s a very flexible option that will allow you to work 20 hours a week while you’re studying and 40 hours a week on holidays and breaks. Remember that there are all kinds of courses available, and even though English courses are highly recommended, you can study almost anything here: from an MBA at an internationally renowned University to a flexible course that will give you lots of free time to enjoy your adventure. There are thousands of courses available, it all depends on what your goals are. Contact us to ask for specific information regarding these courses.

If you want to change visas once you’re in Australia, contact us and we will provide you with detailed information of the options available.

What should I do if my visa is about to expire?

If you’re in Australia and your visa is about to expire, contact us as soon as possible. There are several ways to renew, it will all depend on what you want to do in Australia.