Professional Learning

Vocational courses may have a more flexible structure and are of particular interest to students who wish to broaden their professional training. These are mainly practical programs intended to develop specific skills.

There is a wide variety of offers available: business, marketing, hospitality, human resources, multimedia design, information technology, construction, fitness and much more. These courses require a certain level of English.


  • *Wide variety of courses available.
  • *Attendance of 2-3 days a week.
  • *Flexible course structure.
  • *Choice of schedules in the morning or afternoon.
  • *Great prices.


  • *Eligibility to obtain a student visa.
  • *Availability to work 20 hours a week during classes and 40 hours a week on holidays.
  • *Professional opportunities.
  • *Multicultural environment.
  • *Available discounts in culture and leisure using your student ID.

Find your course


Can you imagine studying surfing in Australia? VET courses make that possible. VET (Vocational Education and Training) programs offer practical training. Colleges offer hundreds of different courses, which will sure lead to what you are looking for. You have to have a minimum level of previous studies and an intermediate English level in order to be accepted in a VET course. These can be more flexible than English courses and they can also be a little more affordable. They usually last six, nine or twelve months, and there are starting dates almost every month. VET courses can be a perfect complement to university training and will allow you extra free time once you’re in Australia.


TAFE (Technical and Further Education) programs are internationally renowned and provide good professional opportunities. TAFE centers normally are of high quality and thus their prices are higher than other academic institutions. In order to enrol, you must have completed previous studies as well as an English certification (IELTS, Cambridge or TOEFL). The best part of doing a TAFE program is that most of your classmates will be Australian and you will obtain a prestigious diploma. TAFE programs normally have two start dates at the beginning of the year, in February and July.