Uri: “Australia is a land of opportunities”

Oriol Pujol – Uri to his friends – is a great guy. And a tall guy, at 1.93m. He is a primary school teacher and came to Australia to study English, which will help him in his professional career. Uri loves sport and food – hence deciding to fly to Melbourne. This is his story.

How did you get to that moment of deciding: “Right, I am going to Australia”?

I decided to go because of the lack of job opportunities at home. At work, they advised me to improve my English if I wanted to aspire to a better position, so I started looking at a range of opportunities. I finally decided I would go to a place where I could learn English and, at the same time, live a great adventure. After a few lists, the options were down to two: Canada or Australia. I like both countries equally, with their great similarities (language and work opportunities) and their great differences (climate). In theend…Winter is coming to Canada, and I settled on Australia.

Which city did you choose?

That was quick. I searched on forums, blogs, websites and reviews and 70% recommended Melbourne. It is a city with a huge sporting tradition, it is multicultural – a big city that still has neighbourhood life, with good public transport, green zones, festivals and all kinds of events at weekends, opportunities to get involved in the things that interest you…and so much more.

The first day, you landed and came straight to see us!

I left Barcelona on Wednesday 14th October at 3:50pm, destination Dubai. There, I caught another plane that made a technical stop in Kuala Lumpur. I finally arrived in Melbourne on Friday 16th at 2am. I decided to rest in the airport for a few hours, like a lot of other people. At 9am I caught the SkyBus that took me directly into the city centre, to Southern Cross Station. From there, I walked down Bourke Street to the Let’s Go Study Australia office. Juanma, Borja, Elena, Melanie and the whole team were waiting for me there. We did not waste a second – we went straight to the bank, then to get a SIM, the Myki Card, and to visit the school…my legs were moving on their own, because my mind was operating at 5%. Then I went to rest!

Oriol Pujol en bici por Melbourne

What did you do on your first few days in Melbourne?

My first few days were like most beginnings: difficult. But Gaby, my housemate, helped me with everything I needed. I realised how big this city is, much bigger than it looks on a map. During my first few weeks I met a lot of people, some who have been here years and others who – like me – had just arrived. I have explored the city on my bike and I am starting to realise just how many activities there are to do in all corners of this great city.

The best thing about Australia?

I do not think I have been here long enough to say. At the moment, what I like about Melbourne is the diversity. You can go from Chinatown to the Italian Quarter in Lygon Street or the Spanish Quarter in Johnson Street without travelling very far.
Plus, this country gives me the chance to play sport outdoors, which is one of my favourite hobbies. Thanks to the climate, there is a wide variety of facilities and possibilities here. Whether in the city or the countryside, the good thing is you can always find what you like.

Would you change anything?

It would be nice to not be so far away from my country. I have realised that travelling around Europe takes ten minutes, compared to this huge continent.

Oriol Pujol en Melbourne

What are you hoping to get from Australia?

The truth is that I did not expect to find what I have found. A land of opportunities, where whatever you do, if you try and work at it, you will have your reward.
To all those embarking on their adventure, I want to say: have a positive mindset. You will meet people who are well settled but, like you, they had a beginning too. Let people help you, and help those who need it. Share experiences, moments, food, places…this experience will let you grow exponentially.

A motivational phrase you want to share?

Step by step, never give up!

This is Uri’s experience. To read stories from other students who have taken the leap, take a look at these interviews. And if you want to be the star of your own Australian adventure, get in touch with us and we will get started.

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